BND Australia started operations in Brisbane in 2000 exporting product from our warehouse to the Pacific Islands. Products were sourced from China as well as Australian manufacturers.

From these small beginnings BND Australia has grown to not only service the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea but entered the Australian Domestic market. BND Australia now has representation and warehouses in all major capital cities of  Australia.

BND also has a warehouse and office in Hangzhou, China. Products can be sourced in both China and Taiwan for customers in Australia and South Pacific nations. BND will then package pack and send to the customer as ordered.

In 2012 BND Australia started to manufacture and wholesale a range of Garden Hoses here in Australia. This range, GardenRite, is now an accepted brand used by the likes of Graham Ross of Better Homes and Garden.

In 2015 BND Australia added the INGCO Range of tools to its portfolio. This quality range of products meets the specifications of some big names out there but without the expensive price tag. Be confident with an INGCO tool to build your world.

BND Australia has built a reputation for producing quality products at very competitive prices. BND Australia also prides itself on the service they are able to provide to customers in Australia and the Pacific region.

BND Australia is fully owned by CNBM, one of the largest Building Materials companies in China. CNBM is the worlds largest manufacturer of cement and the second largest manufacturer of plaster board and fibre cement. The company owns over 4000 factories in China that manufacture a wide range of products from multi million dollar wind turbines to pre built kit homes.

BND Australia is able to tap into this manufacturing base to ensure the supply of quality products for the Australian and South Pacific Markets.